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3 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall in Budd Lake NJ

By Product Expert | Posted in Services, Tips & Tricks on Monday, October 7th, 2019 at 5:12 pm
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Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall & Winter in Budd Lake NJ

October is well underway, and the weather is getting colder. This means that it’s the perfect time for you to get your vehicle looked over and prepared for late fall and the coming winter! However, what can you do to prepare your vehicle? That’s what we’re here to help you answer today! Continue reading to see what tips we think you should follow or employ!

1. Check Your Fluid Levels

One of the crucial steps we think you should follow is replacing your vehicle’s fluids and checking their fluid levels. This includes windshield washer fluids, transmission fluids, coolant, and more! Each of these fluids is designed to keep your vehicle in the best possible running condition, letting you stay on the road longer. It’s important that they are flushed and replaced, or kept full depending on what your manufacturer recommends.

Engine being worked on

Man changing and filling fluids of vehicle

2. Check Belts and Hoses

Another great tip is checking your vehicle’s belts and hoses, looking for cracks, leaks, and wears. You want to ensure that there are no signs of splitting, fraying, glazing, or similar major issues. These problems can cause the vehicle to overheat and cause you to end up stranded, even in cold weather! If you see these issues on your vehicle you should be sure to take it to a local mechanic.

3. Check Your Brakes and Brake System

A third and final tip we’ll be exploring today is that you should have your brakes checked before the weather gets too cold. Brakes are very important for safe driving, especially in the cold as roads become slippery and covered in ice and snow.

So, get out and make sure your vehicle is worry-free going as we go into fall and approach winter! These are just several great tips you can employ in order to prepare, there are a ton more out there! To learn more about what you can do, or to schedule servicing, contact our dealership today!

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