2019 Kia Soul vs 2019 Honda Fit

2019 Kia Soul vs 2019 Honda Fit

If you’re searching for a unique vehicle to drive, one that can’t just be boxed into one segment, look no further than the 2019 Kia Soul! It offers the capability of a hatchback, an SUV, and a station wagon, while also delivering state of the art features and technologies for you to enjoy! It’s one of the most interesting vehicles on the market today, and one of the highest rated! However, the real question is how this great vehicle compares to its many competitors, one of which being the new 2019 Honda Fit.

These two vehicles have a lot in common, including excellent space and a list of great interior technologies. This similarity makes the Honda Fit a great benchmark to measure just how good the 2019 Kia Soul is! Continue reading below to learn just what this great vehicle offers compared to its competition!

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2019 Kia Soul Vs 2019 Honda Fit
101 Cubic Ft. Maximum Passenger Volume 95.7 Cubic Ft.
61.3 Cubic Ft. Maximum Cargo Space 52.7 Cubic Ft.
201 Horsepower Maximum Horsepower 130 Horsepower
195 lb-ft Maximum Torque 128 lb-ft

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As you can see from the chart above, the new 2019 Kia Soul beats out the new 2019 Honda Fit in many ways! It has more horsepower and torque for a start, meaning it has greater overall performance, as well as greater cargo and passenger space. This is no surprise as the new 2019 Kia Soul is quite large!

Additionally, the new 2019 Kia Soul sweetens the deal compared to the competition as it offers a ton of excellent interior technologies! These technologies include systems like Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, which allow you to connect your compatible smartphone to your vehicle and access its many applications! These technologies, combined with the features in the chart, demonstrate just how much better the new 2019 Kia Soul is compared to its competitor!

So, if you’re looking for a vehicle that offers a ton of features and systems compared to the competition, look no further than the new Kia Soul! It’s a special vehicle, one that stands out in design and function, and one you can’t afford to miss! Contact us at Motion Kia today to take the new Kia Soul for a test drive or to learn more!


2019 Kia Soul parked in light
2019 Kia Soul dash and wheel
2019 Kia Soul seat side view
2019 Kia Soul cargo area