Protect Your Investment
Fidelity Warranty Services (FWS) provides a variety of vehicle protection plans that are accepted at over 6,000 service centers across the country. Choose the plan that meets your needs.



Vehicle Protection Plan

It’s no surprise that most major repairs are needed after the original factory warranty has expired, which means you will have to deal with all the inconvenience, time, energy and expense of those repairs. Learn about how you can protect yourself against costly repairs with plans providing coverage up to 120,000 miles.


Car Care Service

Most factory warranties are valid only if you maintain your vehicle regularly. Major repairs on today’s automobiles can be costly. Help protect your investment and your peace of mind with a Car Care Service Plan. Learn More!


Road Hazard Tire & Wheel

Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection Plan repairs or replaces tires damaged by Road Hazards, which include debris on the road surface or road surface conditions such as potholes, cracks and breaks. Learn More!


Term Care Select

Getting a new car should be a carefree, enjoyable experience, but service may be needed and major mechanical breakdowns could occur even when your car is new, whether you own or lease it. Learn about this optional protection plan designed especially to help protect your new car against the unexpected, with coverage for items that the manufacturer’s warranty may not cover.


Total Loss (GAP) Protection

It’s called the "gap." It’s the difference between the Amount Owed on your Retail Installment Sales Contract/Lease Agreement and the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle at the time of a Total Loss. If your car is determined to be a Total Loss, this "gap" could translate into thousands of dollars that you would still owe after the settlement from the auto insurance company. Learn about this!


Lease Excess Wear and Tear

Leasing a new car should be a carefree and enjoyable alternative to the responsibilities of auto ownership. But many of the risks of driving a car – the small dents and dings that happen in parking lots, chipped paint, even worn tires – are your responsibility at lease-end. The optional Leased Vehicle Excess Wear & Tear Plan may waive many of these costs - learn how to avoid worrying about things that happen to almost any car.



For more than 36 years, Fidelity Warranty Services, Inc. (FWS) continues to provide valuable products and services to protect your vehicle investment when you need it most. As a valued FWS customer, you can rest assured that your service contract will be honored for covered repairs at over 6,000 participating service centers nationwide.

We understand that making a vehicle purchase is a major decision that should be taken with care and understanding. FWS and its affiliates provide many options to help you choose the vehicle protection plan that is right for your needs. Learn more about how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

FWS’s products and programs can be purchased through more than 3,000 dealers nationwide. For more information or to locate a participating dealership in your area, please call (800) 327-5172.

*Please note, not all products and programs are offered or available in all states.

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  • Over 6,000 authorized service centers
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