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Oil Change Service in Hackettstown, NJ

All car owners know that regular maintenance of a vehicle is crucial for its durability and smooth functioning. While regular maintenance includes plenty of services, an oil change is a service that should be done without any delays. Although oil change is a quick process, several drivers forget about it due to hectic schedules. If your vehicle is due for an oil change soon, visit us at Motion Kia, and we will take the best possible care of your automobile. At our dealership in Hackettstown, NJ, we have a team of expert service technicians to cater to the needs of Kia vehicles. They are trained to keep your vehicles in top-notch condition no matter the issue.

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Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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What is an Oil Change?

To ensure a vehicle runs smoothly for a long time, it should have a sufficient amount of oil. The job of the engine oil is to lubricate the moving components of an engine. However, this oil wears out with time and becomes less effective in keeping the engine safe. That’s when oil change comes in. In an oil change, the old oil is replaced with fresh new oil to maintain a vehicle’s efficiency. Ideally, an oil change should be done every six months or 3,000 miles, but this timeline may vary depending on the age of your vehicle and your driving habits. If you are not sure whether your Kia needs an oil change or not, visit our dealership in Hackettstown, NJ, and we will check it for you!

What are the Signs that Suggest You Need an Oil Change?

Here is a list of signs that suggest your vehicle needs an oil change.

  • Check engine or oil change warning light is on
  • Engine starts making a knocking or rumbling noise
  • The color of the oil is dark and not amber (which it should be)
  • You can smell oil while driving your vehicle
  • Translucent vapor comes out of your vehicle’s tailpipe

Schedule an Oil Change Service at Motion Kia

If you want to get an oil change or any other service for your Kia, you can hop on our website and schedule a service appointment right away. Alternatively, you can contact us at Motion Kia or visit us in Hackettstown, NJ, to get your Kia serviced.

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