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How to Enjoy Spring Break in Hackettstown NJ!

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, Tips & Tricks on Monday, March 15th, 2021 at 3:33 pm
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Enjoy Your Spring Break Safely With Hackettstown NJ!

Spring break is on its way and celebrating it can be difficult no matter where you live due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Today we’re talking to those of you that live with us in Hackettstown, NJ! We’ve got a few tips for enjoying your spring break safely and securely in 2021! Continue reading below to find out more!

What You Shouldn’t Do

Before we talk about what you should do, we first should talk about what you shouldn’t. For those that live in Hackettstown, NJ, it is important to follow the recommendations of health experts, as we don’t want to cause issues for those that live in our community. What health experts say shouldn’t be done include:

  • Don’t travel to large events, parties, or festivals
  • Don’t go to a crowded destination, such as typical tourist locations that make it difficult to social distance
  • Don’t take a plane if you can.
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What You Should Do

Now that we’ve covered what you shouldn’t do, let’s talk about what you should do! Some of what is recommended that you do when traveling or going on a break in Hackettstown, NJ include:

  • Drive instead taking of buses or planes.
  • Bring food that you can cook yourselves.
  • Book private accommodations if you can, away from crowded buildings like hotels.
  • Camping, hiking, and outdoor activities are great during COVID-19.
  • Keep washing your hands and wearing masks when needed.

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These are just a few tips we have for those living in Hackettstown, NJ. To learn more about what you can do, or to test drive SUVs that are perfect for adventure, please contact us today!