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What are the Differences Between All-Season and Winter Tires?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 4:39 pm
Car driving on snow

Which is Better for Winter – All-Season or Winter Tires?

If you’re living in an area with heavy snowfall or at the very least a moderate winter, such as Hackettstown, NJ, you might be debating on getting winter or all-season tires. Both sound good, or at least acceptable, for the season, offering the same great benefits. However, this isn’t really the case. Click below to learn more!

Winter Tires vs All-Season Tires

Now, all-season tires are typically what vehicles are fitted with when they leave the factories, and for the most part they do a good job. They’re designed for year-round performance, good tread, relatively excellent quiet driving, and more. They’re very popular for this reason.

However, they are not designed completely for either summer or winter, and as such can’t hold their own when pitted against specifically designed tires. Winter tires are designed for one thing – winter driving. Summer plays little, if any, role in their function. For that reason, winter tires are far better for those in colder climates.

Tire rack with tires all over it

Winter Tire Benefits Explored

Winter tires have specific features and benefits that make them unique, giving you greater overall winter driving capabilities. These benefits include tread rubber, tread depth and patterns, and biting edges. Each of these features gives you a greater overall driving experience. Some of what these features can do for you include:

  • Tread Rubber: The rubber does not stiffen like all-season tires, remaining flexible and capable of gripping the road better overall.
  • Tread Depth & Patterns: Winter tires feature deeper tread depths and unique tread patterns, reducing snow buildup and giving greater traction.
  • Biting Edges: There is an increased number of biting edges and high sipe densities, allowing for better ice-based traction.

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These features and others make winter tires the clear winner between these two types when it comes to winter driving. To learn more about winter tires, or to have a set installed on your vehicle near Hackettstown, NJ, please contact our dealership today!